Affordable Rental Place v/s. Shorter Commute: Which is the Safer Option of the Two?

Do you think the commuting time that you are spending is worth, while going to the office? If you are stuck between the two options of going for an affordable rent option or a shorter commute, you are not alone. In fact, this is the dilemma faced by most Australians.

Bigger cities like Sydney tend to have more job opportunities than, say, Melbourne. Hence, the salaries are also higher. When you go outside these population centers, you may find that rent and home prices are a bit lower.

That enables you to save more cash in your savings account while living in a house that’s equal or even better than the one you could have in, say, Sydney while owning it in Melbourne. All this when you can stomach a longer commute. If you decide to go for affordable rental opportunities in Melbourne, you can get one from Van rental.

Let’s evaluate both options for you.

Shorter Commute

The biggest advantage of a shorter commute is the time you end up saving. If you can trim off even half an hour of commuting each way, that saves one full hour, which evens to 250 hours every year (assuming you are working five days a week and two weeks of vacation in a year).

If you live closer to your work, you could have more transportation options available. This is where Van rental comes into the picture as it helps you an affordable rental place that makes you refrain from long commutes.

The problem with long commutes is, you might need a car more often than not. If that is the case, you may end up spending a whole lot of cash on the car that you need to own. Also, if you have an affordable rental place from Van rental, it helps you cut down on your monthly expenses by taking public transportation or even walking or biking if your office is nearby.

Even if you own a car and drive to work still it can mean a shorter commute; it will mean less gas, lower insurance costs, and less wear and tear on your vehicle. Your car also ends up getting less wear and tear from a short commute.

Longer commutes are also known to be linked to various health problems like hypertension, obesity, and higher stress levels. So, shortening of commuting time can have a positive impact on your wellbeing.

Affordable Rental Place

Now, if you go for an affordable rental place, you might find a neighbourhood in Melbourne where homes cost half as much as those in Sydney. Besides the fact that you end up saving in housing costs, commuting also gives you much more flexibility in terms of where you live, and you will have more neighbourhoods to choose from if you don’t need to live close to your work. That could mean better schools for your children or an area that you can enjoy living in more. All of this is possible if you opt for Van rental.

The Final Decision

The end decision lies with you whether you wish to go for affordable rent or a shorter commute. But, if I were you, I would definitely go for an affordable rented place from Van rental.