Hydroponics Vs Organic – Growing Plants in Your Own Garden

Is hydroponic farming better than organic farming? This is a question that most farmers ask when it comes to traditional gardening. Both of these farming techniques have the same philosophy –providing you with safe food.

How is hydroponic farming different?

Hydroponic farming is done in a solution rich with nutrients. The farmer does not use soil in the farming process. Organic farming is the process where soil is used in the farming process. The former is ideal if there is limited outdoor space. The farmer can grow crops and plants at home in containers rich with nutrient solutions. This system needs the aid of a growing lamp or lamps, a system for filtration for the air and water along with controlled settings for the climate. The climate settings will give you the ideal environment for research and testing.

hydroponic farming

Which farming practice is better- hydroponic or organic?

When it comes to the question of hydroponics Vs Organic-which one is better? Experts say organic farming does not use synthetic fertilisers and other harmful pesticides used in farming. The farmer does not use chemicals for growing the crops and plants. Microorganisms provide the essential nutrients to the crops in question. When it comes to the question as to which one is better, the choice actually depends upon the farming practices embraced for the growth of the crops. There is however a risk in the field of organic farming- the crops are open to pests who may come and destroy the crops. Hydroponic farming does not suffer from these risks as the plants are generally grown in closed containers that are out of the reach of these pests. Therefore, from the above, it is evident that hydroponic farming has an edge over organic farming as you have more control and you effectively can keep your crops out of the reach of pests.